Mike Morris

General Manager

Mike is part of the crowdsourcing-for-life-club (CFLC), which basically means many long years spent whiteboarding aspects of the model well before the term crowdsourcing even existed. Hailing from Boston College, Mike began his career as a C++ engineer, and fondly tells anyone who will listen how much he misses his days writing code.
These days, however, he's usually out and about running CloudSpokes’ business affairs and being a customer and community member champion. In the little free time he has, Mike can be found playing with his 4 kids (one set of twins), on the water slalom skiing and teaching kids to ski, or reliving old college lacrosse days playing Whirlyball.

Dave Messinger

Chief Community Officer

Dave (aka “Mess”) is also a member of the crowdsourcing-for-life-club, spending many long years fixing what Mike puts on the whiteboard. With a BS in Computer Science from Trinity College-Hartford, Dave is first and foremost an architect. Various CloudSpokes items Dave spends his time on are the CloudSpokes development platform, the user experience, and the customer experience.
Dave loves to spend his early mornings cooking omelettes with his daughter, Evie, his days taking walks with his Labradoodle, Mabel, and his late evenings watching the New England Patriots pick apart opposing defenses with his pal, Tom Brady.

Jeff Douglas

Platform Architect and Developer Evangelist

Jeff is by far the biggest personality on CloudSpokes. He has made a name for himself in numerous developer communities, is a Salesforce Force.com MVP, and an avid developer blogger. He has a BS in International Marketing from the University of Kentucky and a Masters in Technology and Innovation Management from the University of Tampa. Jeff is 100% focused on driving innovation with the CloudSpokes platform. As a U.S. Army veteran, Jeff spends a large part of his free time training and competing in triathlons near his hometown in Florida, driving his awesome yellow Jeep Wrangler, and working with any number of the 90+ foster kids that have spent time with in the Douglas family home over the past 14 years.

Mike Cardillo

Delivery and Customer Success

Cardillo is the strong and sensitive one (don’t tell him we said that though), and the third member of the crowdsourcing-for-life-club. Graduating as a “Greyhound” with a BS in Management from Assumption College, he somehow also found time to become an All American hockey player.
While Cardillo can still flex his web development skills when required, his focus is ensuring customer value is maximized from the platform. He achieves this by helping customers get plugged in quickly into the CloudSpokes ecosystem. Living in the southern regions of New Hampshire with his better half, Lisa, he tries to catch as much Boston sports action as his time allows - including the Patriots, the Bruins, and the Red Sox.

Sal Partovi

Marketing and Sales Operations

Sal started out his professional career as a biochemist in San Diego - how he ended up on CloudSpokes is a long and fun story he’ll share with anyone over a frosty beverage. With a BS in Biochemistry from the University of California, San Diego, Sal now runs Marketing and Sales Operations for the CloudSpokes team. He is focused on customer success and customer evangelism within the CloudSpokes community.
Sal’s favorite lunch break is a short run near his house in Northern California reminiscing on old college ultimate frisbee days. Any other breaks are dominated by two demanding toddlers who love dance parties, and moments where he pretends to be a drummer. Sal also has mild narcolepsy.

Kyle Bowerman

Community Architect

Kyle Bowerman is the renaissance man of the CloudSpokes team. Oh, you like wood-fired pizzas? Kyle has a wood-fired oven you can use whenever you like. Have an affinity for old hand planes? Yeah, Kyle collects those. He also holds a BS in General Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and maintains a secret love affair with Bash.
Kyle works as a customer champion, helping them adopt the crowdsourcing model with ease and success. Whenever he gets the opportunity, Kyle loves taking screenshots of himself during team video calls and then sharing the static screenshot instead of maintaining the live video feed. He also enjoys wearing his Bill Murray t-shirt whenever it’s clean.

Allie Hawkins

Executive Programs and Customer Experience

Allie is the CloudSpokes team’s biggest fan of the Oregon Ducks and silk blouses. Allie leads executive programs and helps CloudSpokes’ customers achieve and broadcast successes with CloudSpokes' distributed innovation model to the world.
In her free time you can find her training for half-marathons and eating Tacolicious in San Francisco's Marina District or yelling on the sidelines of an Oregon football game in the fall.

Cory McIlroy

Community Architect

Cory is affectionately known as the "CloudSpokes Handyman". With a BS in Computer Science from Truman State University, Cory is quite the versatile engineer. Background technologies include Javascript, webMethods, and Oracle PL/SQL (gasp!).
He particularly enjoys data structures / algorithms, and dev productivity tools. Background hobbies include raising 5 chickens in his "Taj Mahal" of chicken coops, plumbing, electrical wiring, and carpentry. His current project includes making batches of wine from bananas, and a retaining wall he's building "just for fun". Cory was born, raised, and continues to reside in the St. Louis area with his wife and two kids. His two little ones will shortly be third-generation Webster Groves Statesmen at their local high school.

Tim Hicks

Community Manager

Tim holds down the CloudSpokes fort in Indianapolis, a recent move from his hometown in Northern California. WIth a BS in Business Administration from Sonoma State University Tim spends the majority of his time focused on the health and growth of the community. Tim uses various communication vehicles to maintain contact with CloudSpokes members, including the CloudSpokes blog, social media channels, member hangouts, and meetups. When time allows Tim enjoys watching his favorite sports teams - the San Francisco 49ers, the San Francisco Giants, and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Tim also enjoys searching for new music and new microbrewery beers (current favorite is Lagunitas: New Dog Town). He’s a sucker for a good “That’s What She Said” joke and any quotes from the movie “I Love You Man”.