Geolocation Toolkit with Google Geocoding API



Retool our Geolocation Toolkit to use the Google Geocoding API. Our Geolocation Toolkit challenge finished up last April with some great results (see this blog post). Some of the feedback that we received when we open sourced the results (along with 30 other challenges) was that it used SimpleGeo which requires a paid account. So we thought we retool it to use the Google Geocoding API which is of course free.


Fork the code at GitHub for the Geolocation Toolkit and implement the modifications to use either SimpleGeo or Google Geocoding API to geocode records. The option should be configurable (use a Custom Setting) and should simply substitute one service for the other.

Must have adequate test coverage (75%+).


Upload all your source code as a zip (you can simply zip up your Eclipse project for convenience) and provide any documentation and/or instructions that are needed. Please be clear and concise with any setup instructions.

An SWF video of your application using Jing would also be helpful but not required.

A unmanaged package would also be appreciated.

Your submission will be judged by a panel of peers based upon this criteria. If you would like to request an extension, please read Can challenge deadlines be extended for more time? on our FAQ. We do not want to grant extensions unless there is a valid reason.



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Ended Aug 04, 2011 at 10:00 PM
Winner Announced on August 19, 2011
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