Extract IRS e-file

Here is the weighted criteria that judges will use to score submissions for this challenge.

Code Quality (35%)

1. Does the code follow best practices for the platform chosen? Does the code take advantage of the coding platform where possible? (1 - 4)
2. Is the code well documented? Is it understandable and would another developer be able to pick up and understand the code? (1 - 4)
3. Is the app easy to install? Does the documentation explain how to install and set up the application? (1 - 4)

Requirements (40%)

1. Does the code implement all of the functionality stated in the requirements? (1 - 4)
2. Does the submission add anything additional functionality or features to the application? (1 - 4)

Overall (25%)

1. Is the submission a high quality submission? Would you be willing to use this application? (1 - 4)


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Ended May 08, 2012 at 6:03 PM
Winner Announced on May 16, 2012
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Total: $1,700
1st $1200
2nd $500


  1. cloudspokes_efilesample.xml
  2. cloudspokes_efilesample4.xml
  3. cloudspokes_efilesample3.xml
  4. cloudspokes_efilesample2.xml


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