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CoffeeScript is a programming language that compiles to JavaScript. It enhance JavaScript's brevity and readability, and adds some sophisticated features. We want you to port our existing JavaScript scorecard to our new layout and implement it using CoffeeScript.

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The Assets section contains an HTML file with our existing scorecard with the JSON data you will need. Use the JSON data and code from the existing scorecard HTML and port it to CoffeeScript and display the scorecard in the new layout. Ensure that all existing functionality is included in the new HTML page.


Upload your CoffeeScript and HTML files as a zip and provide any documentation and/or instructions that are needed. Please be clear and concise with any setup instructions.

Your submission will be judged by a panel of peers based upon this criteria. If you would like to request an extension, please read Can challenge deadlines be extended for more time? on our FAQ. We do not want to grant extensions unless there is a valid reason.



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This challenge is a first to finish task! We will judge the submissions in the order in which we receive them. If the first submission passes review the participant will be declared the winner. If the submission does not pass review, we will judge the next person's code and so on, until we either declare a winning submission or exhaust all submissions. We will only pay first place prize money. Feel free to submit even if other members have submitted before you. Their submissions may not pass.

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Ended Feb 06, 2013 at 7:13 AM
Winner Announced on February 13, 2013
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Total: $250
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  1. new-scorecard.html
  2. existing-scorecard.html


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