The Future of Work

The future workplace is not defined or limited by four walls and an address. This workplace is focused on driving value and results, not paying for time, location, or effort.


A new marketplace to connect the future of work with the future workforce.

The Future Workforce

The new generation of workers have never known a world without the internet. These individuals embrace learning, collaboration, and technology like it's a second language.


The CloudSpokes platform has been rebuilt twice by this community of cloud experts.
Read more about round one, and round two.

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CloudSpokes Thurgood

Automated quality and security review of submitted packages

"Thurgood" is the codename for our proprietary toolset that provides automated build and testing of CloudSpokes challenge submissions. This service automates the process of testing and reviewing submitted code for quality, coverage, and other various coding standards. After queuing submissions based on platform, Thurgood taps into various services to deliver code review, including Cloudbees, Checkmarx, JSLint, PhantomJS, Checkstyle, and more. Documentation is tracked via Papertrail.

CloudSpokes Madison

Dynamic, requirements-based scorecard application

"Madison" is the codename for our proprietary toolset that provides dynamic and repeatable scoring of CloudSpokes challenge submissions. Human intervention makes it all to easy to have requirements that aren't tied to the final scoring of a particular challenge. Madison automatically makes requirements the driving force in scoring (as it should be) and ingrains the scoring process back into the requirements. Defined requirements are therefore tied to assets, and reusable across multiple challenges.

CloudSpokes Merriweather

The core competition engine, the secret sauce, of CloudSpokes

"Merriweather" is the differentiator between competition-based crowdsourcing, and basic freelancing (one "winner") or crowdsourced microtasks (everyone "wins"). It's the driving force that allows CloudSpokes to provide the key features behind crowdsourcing in enterprise IT. Competition-based crowdsourcing allows for complexity, elasticity, and scalability within a pay-for-performance model. Simply put, competition drives cost efficiency.

CloudSpokes Franklin

Hundreds of battle-tested Cloud assets for instant reuse

"Franklin" is the codename for our cloud asset-library. We've collected hundreds of cloud assets in this library, ranging from packaged connections between cloud platforms, to reusable components, to best practices and templates, to development tools and utilities. Crowdsourced solutions ensure that the best results are chosen for any given project. Therefore, Franklin contains the best of the best. Top assets evolve and continually improve based on usage and need.


Post Your Challenge

CloudSpokes flips the model for getting development work done. Instead of focusing on the resource and hours required to complete a project, CloudSpokes allows you to focus on the outcomes you want from the beginning. Post your challenge, and watch the community of experts compete to provide the best solution. You can dictate the number of submissions, the complexity of the submissions, and even the specific languages used.

Facilitate The Discussion

From confirmation around which technologies and languages are acceptable, to clarity on the posted requirements, discussions drive value. The discussion area at the bottom of each challenge can help flush out details which may not have ever been clear in the first place (validation on the end product before it's even created). The community members want to ensure that they're successful, so these discussion questions are completely focused on driving value for the end result.

Score the Submissions

Scorecards are provided up-front for each challenge so the community members have a clear understanding of how their solution will be graded. Upon completion, the challenge judges will have a list of submissions and the associated scorecards under their individual profile. To ease the review process, all CloudSpokes challenges require a video, demo, or preview of the submitted asset - often this overview is all that is required to confirm the winning solutions.

Retrieve Your Assets

IP Ownership of a CloudSpokes challenge submission is always transferred to the challenge sponsor (whoever pays for the challenge, owns the final products that were paid for). After the review process is complete, all the submitted assets are available right on a private challenge page for the challenge sponsor to retrieve and install wherever appropriate.