Once you’re ready to get started competing on CloudSpokes, the place to start is with our developer challenges. These are located on our challenges page. We host plenty of various types of developer challenges, all focused on public cloud platforms and/or APIs.

The key to staying on top of the multiple various challenges we announce is to subscribe in some manner to one of our various feeds. The sooner you know about a challenge that interests you, the more time you’ll have available to register and compete. Learn more.


The first thing you should do with any challenge you’re interested in is “Register” or add the challenge to your “Watch List”. You’ll find these buttons on the bottom of the challenge page.

Why is registering or watching challenges important? We will often send out notifications to participants if there are changes or announcements, and only registered or members who are watching that challenge will receive those notices, so make sure you register or watch as soon as possible. Learn more.


Have questions? Curious about what tools and tricks are best? Want to clarify anything in the challenge description that’s unclear? Use the discussion area at the bottom of the challenge page to interact with fellow developers as well as the challenge hosts.

This is the ideal place to interact as it puts information front and center for all participants, and is a place the challenge hosts for a particular challenge will be monitoring closely. Learn more.


This is your time to shine! Now that your app is completed you’re going to want to make sure you’ve got these steps right.

First things first, you must submit before the deadline!! Keep an eye on this so you’re clear on how much time you have left. Then gather all your collateral, including URLs to your video, Github repos, eclipse packages, and any other web-hosted item you would like to include. Learn more.


Your app is submitted and now you’re eagerly awaiting the review process. This is where the rubber meets the code. Did you comment your code? Is it readable? Does it implement all the requirements?

Scorecards vary by challenge, so always check the specific challenge you’re working on to be sure you understand what is required as well as what your app will be judged on. Learn more.


Congratulations! You’ve won! To claim your prize, follow our FAQ for payments closely - we’ll need a tax form completed as well as certain sections of your profile completed.

And even if you didn't place, there’s plenty of achievements to be claimed for having an awesome submission. Check out your profile to see if you have earned any badges or other items. Building out your public profile on enterprise-class real-world public cloud challenges is something you can use again and again as a proof-point of your skills and abilities. Learn more.