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Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it. ~Andre Gide


Just a young punk programmer hacking it out one line at a time. I work full time at RedKite Technologies as a senior developer. When I'm not mashing a keyboard you'll probably find me in the gym, or in front of a grill. I also dig philosophy, beer brewing, camping and martial arts.



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The Bell Project: Streamlining Lead Qualification

We would like to stream line our lead qualifcation process in a bit. This is the start of a much larger workflow and series of challenges. In this challenge we'd like a trigger... see details
$1,300 for

Create a Graphic Representation of the Lead Score

Make our lead score field look pretty!   We want to see a visual representation of the Lead Score so a user can quckly understand what it represents. see details
$400 for, Design

Build Java Tool For Combining JPGs Into A Single PDF

We need a tool to combine a bunch of .jpg files into a single .pdf file. Our SFDC-based expense management tool lets users snap a photo of a receipt, which it attaches to an Expense record in... see details
$1,700 for

Sign Here Please

When you close on a deal you'd like to preview the paperwork that you're signing on for. We've a couple of custom objects that we'd like to roll up with some Terms & Conditions... see details
$1,487 for

No Chatter for you!

For this contest, we want you to write a trigger that prevents certain defined users from being able to Chatter.No Chatter for you!   see details
$350 for