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Brivo Labs Randivoo Event Connector: code review and readme fix

Brivo Labs' Randivoo tool has a component that we've built out on CloudSpokes over the past few months.  It allows users to easily invite their Contacts to office... see details
$600 for,

BUG BASH: Docusign for

DocuSign has been very impressed by the testing power of the Cloudspokes community! They are now asking us to take on our biggest bug bash so far - DocuSign for Salesforce!! DocuSign for... see details
$1,000 for, DocuSign

#SuperAwesome Cloud API Mashathon

Welcome to the #SuperAwesome Cloud API Mashathon for the 2013 TopCoder Open (TCO). The cloud track is all about innovation and mashing up our partner’s APIs. To make sure no one has a head... see details
$11,000 for Beanstalk, AWS, Cloud Foundry, Google, Heroku, EC2,

DocuSign for Outlook - BUG BASH

DocuSign is working on a neat plugin to Outlook which allows a user to sign a document that is attached to an email and send it back with the signature. They've been so kind as to give us a... see details
$1,200 for DocuSign

DocuSign REST API - BUG BASH 2.0

A little over a year ago we ran our first DocuSign API Bug Bash. Bugs were identified and subsequently squashed into nothingneess. Everyone had a great time. Since then, the Docusign API has... see details
$1,000 for DocuSign