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Port an existing tool (Ant + Scripts) to an OS-independent App

We have a need to automate the generation of a package.xml and validate the components are complete and valid before committing to source control. The contents of package.xml will be derived from... see details
$2,250 for Heroku, Google,

Create Application to Manage Google Group Members Based on Google OUs

Design an App Engine application that can manage members of an existing Google Group where the members of the group are based on what users are in a specific Google OU.  The application should be... see details
$2,000 for Google

Rewind Multi-domain Contacts Directory App II

This is a challenge redo from challenge 3020.  We wanted to approach this problem from a slightly different angle.  For one, remove shared contacts and to make it a little clearer how we wanted... see details
$2,850 for Google

TCO13 SuperAwesome Cloud API Mashathon

Welcome to the #SuperAwesome Cloud API Mashathon for the 2013 TopCoder Open (TCO). See this page for more information. see details
$22,000 for AWS, Cloud Foundry, Google, Heroku, Beanstalk,, EC2

Salesforce JSON Report to Spreadsheets via GAE

Help us to create a Salesforce to Google Docs solution.  The intent is to create a repeatable and well documented POC.  There are a number of solutions for exporting reports and documents into... see details
$1,000 for Google,